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The Chance to Grow in 2021

When I think about growth as an individual, an image comes to mind of that one corn stalk in a field of corn that grows higher than any of the others. Whenever I drive by and see this in a field of corn, it always manages to bring a smile to my face. I always think “you go,” and mentally cheer that stalk on.

Most of us try to set new goals for the New Year. But what if we decide to take a different look at our goals and think about what might grow us in the coming year? There is a saying “easy doesn’t grow you much.” We tend to focus on things that are obtainable, but might not push us out of our comfort zone or, we have such strong belief of things that we can never achieve, that we don’t ever take the step to see if that’s possible. It’s okay to have set back or even things to go wrong, because even when that happens, we are learning or growing in the process.

Fear of failure becomes those stalks that always remain the same, even with the others. We don’t ever want to upset the apple cart, we think living like this brings us peace, but underneath is that unsettled feeling of wanting more and gazing at the higher corn stalk with longing and adoration. I believe we all have what it takes to move forward with the dreams we want to achieve. Having cancer may put that into perspective, but I cannot stress enough for you to do this now. Don’t wait till something happens for you to have this realization.

Everyone grows differently. We must believe God planted us for a reason and we will always be “still growing.” I also like to imagine the corn stalk is reaching higher, trusting, with their eyes set on God. Keep your eyes looking up, for your faith can move mountains. Sometimes it is better to work from the inside out during the growing time. Silence the negative things that go on in your head and work towards becoming more at peace with who you really are. Believe in your ability to keep growing.

How a corn stalk may grow is also determined by nature. Is there enough warm weather, enough rain, no damaging winds or hail, and of course everything needs to happen at the right time. We, as individuals, need the same type of nature to help us grow. Water is our best friend. If you are ever felt like you are just lacking in energy, I encourage you to drink more water, it can benefit so many things within your body. Sometimes when we become silent, we can hear things more clearly. Strive to set aside time to be silent and become aware of the nature that is around you every day. Take a walk on a sunny day. Roll down the windows when you are driving and breath in the fresh air. Notice how you instantly relax. A dose of sunlight can have such a positive effect on your mood. Become more aware of the things in nature that will help you grow strong. When you figure out what makes you feel your best, continue to do those things on repeat.

Fertilize affects how a stalk will grow. We fertilize our mind with what we choose to listen to, what we read, the positive thoughts or re-enforcement. We fertilize with who we choose to spend time with. Do they promote good growth or do they make you feel like you are withering or not purposeful? From time to time take a moment and focus on what is positive in your life and step away from the negative. Growth can be as simple as increasing your positivity each day.

As you began to set new goals for the New Year, I encourage you to also set some growth goals. Relationships, your health, your job, your home, the areas are endless…think of it as having the light shine just a little brighter in these areas as you focus on growth.

There will always be days you struggle, but next day rise higher – each time receiving more strength from the struggle. Each day think of what you can do to grow into the person you have always dreamed you could be. Believe in your roots. You are here for a reason. Let’s see how far you can “grow” this year!

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2 comentarios

19 ene 2021

Great message Sandy. I needed this:) I love reading your blog.

Me gusta

Beth Elliott Lanoue
Beth Elliott Lanoue
14 ene 2021

Love this message Sandy🙌

Me gusta
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