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Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes,

in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself. -Unknown

Just walking into the door at the clothing store in Slayton, MN, uniquely named “Persona,” and you know you will be taken care of. If you are ever in need of someone to help you pick out the perfect outfit, Trish, Liz, and Kaitlyn are one in a million. Persona’s name means personality, character, image, real, sensibility, in other words, they check all the boxes.

I was excited to be asked to be featured in their quarterly magazine about my mission with Stylin’ Cancer. I was surprised to hear the owner Trish had more in common with me than my love for fashion, she is a survivor of Ovarian Cancer too. Knowing Trish had fought and overcome Ovarian Cancer at such a young age was such an inspiration to me. Everyday God put things in place just when you need them. It was comforting knowing Trish beat this ugly beast, which gives me such strength and peace!

As we discussed what she wanted to do for the magazine article, she asked me if I would also be interested in doing a taped interview or pod cast of type. Of course, I said yes! In our discussing, I asked if it would be okay to bring along some of my head wear so we could put together some outfits that I could photograph and share on my website. She instantly agreed!

Having shopped at the store before, I was amazed Trish already had outfits picked out for me and they were perfect. Not only was the style great, but the fit of the clothes (one of the things they specialize in) was spot on. They know what looks good on your body and seriously who doesn’t appreciate that!? It’s fun to shop with confidence when someone is looking out for your best interest!

After trying on all the clothes they had selected for me, we worked together to see which head wear looked best with each outfit. Once all the final decisions were made, it was on to the photo shoot with LA Photography. I had thought we were only going to take pictures for the cover, but they decided to do pictures of all the outfits they had styled with the head wear. Talk about how to make a person feel special! Lynette from LA Photography made me feel so comfortable and it was such fun. Rarely does a person over fifty think they should have photos taken; well, I am totally rethinking that after this experience! Who needs a reason? Doing something like this is such a self-confidence boost!

After the photo shoot, we taped the interview between Trish and myself. Though Trish had given me some questions ahead of time, our interview felt like we were catching up between friends. I can’t say enough about how comfortable Trish made me feel. We touched on the hard facts of Ovarian Cancer. We feel it is so important for woman know the signs and symptoms. Early detection is the key!

Next on our agenda was taping a “pick 3.” This is a service they provide for customers. Trish explained why each outfit works for my body type. It was interesting to learn all the positive things she saw, most of us focus on the negatives and Trish helps you turn those negatives into positives with her “pick 3” experience.

As you know, I love fashion and doing this really gave my fashion bug a fix! So much so when they asked me to model for their Facebook live event I said yes right away. The experience was another fun night of trying new styles and seeing what looks good. Having the opportunity to not only spread the word about Stylin’ Cancer, but also learning new things about what works for you in the latest fashion trends, it was such a win win experience. Thank you, Trish, Liz, and Kaitlyn for an amazing time! Next time you are looking for a special outfit, check out Persona, you will be so glad you did!

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