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Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

When faced with my hair loss, I tried to come up with ways to have people focus on something else when they would see me. For me that was LARGE EARRINGS, BRIGHT COLORED CHEATER GLASSES, and BRIGHT LIPSTICK.

The large earrings and bright lipstick were things I only wore for special occasions, so wearing them on a daily bases was something of a challenge for me. I was worried that the big earrings would bother me when I answered the phone at worked (not a problem I found out). The bright colored cheaters were just fun and brought color to my face. The bright lipstick tied everything together.

I can’t tell you how many times I would see people who knew about my cancer diagnosis (plus the hats and scarves don’t lie) and they would look at me and say in a surprised tone “You look good!” I guess they were expecting the worst and I surprised them. I think taking the time and effort before I walked out the door was worth it. Somehow when people began complimenting me on my earrings I didn’t feel like the cancer was such a giant in the room.

Looking in the mirror was and still is at times a shock for me. (I still remember myself with hair before I lost it!). With no hair you look so blah. In fact, I encourage you, if you are feeling up to it, to put on a little makeup even when you are staying home for the day. Every time you see your reflection you will be glad. I was fortunate to not lose all my eyebrows and eyelashes till my last round of chemo. I think that was the hardest time for me looking in the mirror. I had 2 or 3 weddings to attend during that time and my sister came to the rescue with false eyelashes. Once I got them applied I felt so much better…even though I wasn’t sure if I would get them off!

I encourage you to give these accessories a try. They do not have to be expensive. A lot of my large earrings I found at Walmart. Don’t be afraid to kick up your lipstick, again, think of what you are doing to the overall look of your face. If you need cheaters, like I do, look for some bright colored ones. They make such a difference if the hats or scarves you chose are solid in color. Step out of your box. Try one idea if you aren’t comfortable with all three and then gradually add things. Your accessories you can control. I know facing the loss of your hair isn’t easy, but try every day to do things that make you feel good if you are able. You are beautiful and strong! Now go show the world!!!

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I love this, it is so you! You amaze me, I could only hope to be as strong as you.

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