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FLAWSOME, what a great word! It says so much and it is easy to identify with it. It gives you the chance to say “Hey world, I am Flawsome”. The meaning behind this word is to know that we all have flaws, but that’s okay because nobody is perfect. In fact, what is a flaw to you could be just the thing that someone else is wishing for. Everyone’s perception of what constitutes a flaw can be so different. I can also compare this to what each individual is experiencing while on some type of journey in life. Basically, we are all going through things each day, whether on a cancer journey or not. Each person’s experience is and always will be uniquely their own. To say we understand another person’s journey is more to re-assure ourselves as we say those words. No one can truly understand this because even if you try to explain your feelings, what you experience and feel are yours alone. But the beauty is people will be supportive without the true understanding of your feelings.

The other part of the word Flawsome is AWESOME, yes, we are all awesome in our own way. It’s the reminder to tell ourselves this, which can be such a struggle for some, well let’s be honest, most of us! But we have so much awesomeness to be proud of, our bodies alone are pretty amazing! So instead of wishing your legs were different, focus on the strength they are able to give you on your favorite walk. I’m sure you could look back and see so many awesome things you’ve done in your life, from work, to children, to being a great friend. Tipping the scales of your mindset to that awesome feeling will benefit you in so many ways throughout your life.

You can choose what you focus on. You can choose to focus on all the things that Cancer has brought to the table or you can choose to focus on the fact that God has given you another day and it would best not to waste worrying about some stupid flaw. So many of the things I thought were flaws have really taken a backseat in my life since my Cancer diagnosis. I still have my days, first you lose your hair and then it comes back totally different than ever before. I still get frustrated when my joints ache or when I just don’t have the stamina I use to have. But I’ve learned to keep trying to focus on the Awesome stuff I am doing and most days it is getting better.

I encourage you to continue to show up for yourself. It’s your story that makes you unique. Continue to grow into your best self. The key word here is you, not what someone else thinks is your best self.

Appreciate who you are and worry less about what you think people think. It is the best feeling to be comfortable with who you are. Adjusting to the new normal, with Cancer, takes some time. But I can tell you, as the days pass you get a better understanding of yourself and what was once your focus does not seem to have the same power. The focus shifts to the other priorities and those things that were once looked at as flaws seem to fade.

Maybe another way to look at it is that we are all under construction. We all have different projects, different blue prints, different contractors. We are working on constructing pieces of ourselves to be the strong dream we’ve always wanted. The world would be a pretty dull place if everything was built the same. Remember that building each other up is the best project. We may all be a work in progress, and that in itself is awesome. I encourage you to continue to build, evolve and develop throughout your life.

So, now that you have a better understanding on what FLAWSOME means to me, I want you to do me a favor, when you look in the mirror, tell yourself that you are “ONE AMAZING FLAWSOME PERSON”, and please don’t you ever forget it!!

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