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Is it your time to Bloom?

"It’s never too late to be what you might have been."

My hydrangea bush doesn’t always bloom, but when it does, it is so beautiful! Even without the blossoms, the bushes are still pretty with their bright green fullness. I couldn’t help but think that is how I feel sometimes. Sometimes I want to burst with new experiences like when the hydrangea blooms. But sometimes I just want to stay as I am without any changes.

Your time to bloom may not be what you think about when you are on a cancer journey, but maybe you should. You want to stay as you are, but things have changed because now you are someone that has cancer. Even if you feel so good you forget, people are always there to remind you. Often, I’ve been asked “how are you?” and, like usual, I respond good. Then I remember and realize they are asking how I am with my cancer. It still catches me off guard. It took time to feel I’ve bloomed in my answer by giving them more of me. Since starting this website, I’ve become very honest about all the things I’ve experienced. So now I tend to answer the question by letting them know what living with cancer is like for me.

In order to bloom you have to trust in the way you are planted. You have to believe God has a reason for you and you are going to wake up every day trusting in what each day brings.

You must also believe in your roots that keep you firmly grounded. You spent your whole life becoming who you are today. Cancer can change you, but it doesn’t have to define you. Be thankful for all the special people in your life that have helped you bloom this far.

Believe in the soil you’ve been planted in. You’ve been planted in firm ground. Have faith that you have what it takes to be strong. Sometimes strong is just putting one foot in front of the other. You may not feel you are strong at first but each additional step you will. There are times you feel like you are going through a hailstorm, but you will get through it to grow again.

Count on the sun and timely rain to help you grow. Challenge yourself to find out what makes you feel your best. Say no if it doesn’t feel right. Say yes when it does. And if you are not sure, keep trying until you get it right. Keep reaching for that warm feeling, maybe it is from the sun or maybe it in your heart.

Use fertilizer when needed. Talk with a friend, write in a journal. Do the things that nurture your soul and make you want to grow.

Some flowers bloom all summer long and some flowers bloom for just one day. Each person blooms in their own way. Think of what joy it brings to your life when you see a new bloom. You blooming can bring joy not only to other people, but yourself. It doesn’t matter when and how often as long as you grow.

You can continue to work on blooming in different areas of your life. Bloom friendships, Bloom family, bloom new adventures, bloom creativity, bloom learning, bloom dreams, or bloom having fun. Experience life in a new way. Putting just a little more effort or time can bring colorful changes in your life. And with cancer on board, isn’t that what it is all about, trying to live this life to the fullest?

You don’t need a green thumb, you just need to believe you can. You have all the tools, so why not let it happen?

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1 Comment

Oct 05, 2020


I finally went to read your blog and I’m so encouraged by your writing. Even though I am not suffering with cancer, your writing still hit me! Thank you!

sherill Peterson

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