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Keeping the balance

Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete. It’s a sense of harmony.

When cancer happens, suddenly what you thought was your balance, shifts. All your focus goes into fighting and dealing with all the changes in your body. Many of the other things that were once important seem to fall to the wayside. Your balance is making it through every 21-day cycle and focused on keeping your body as strong as it can be so nothing is delayed.

I tried very hard to continue to do things for my body that would help keep the balance. For years, I have gone for a monthly massage. Continuing this during chemo brought a healing touch to my body. It was a chance to make my good cells happy. The bonus is that the person who gives my massages is also a good friend, so there were many counseling sessions too. Once you are relaxed the words seem to flow easier for me, and have someone to listen, that was a good thing.

I was also very faithful at going two times a week to see my chiropractor, Dr. Jess at Elysian Chiropractic. She focuses on the nervous system. By finding and correcting any subluxations in my spine, she helped restore power to the parts of the body that needed restoring. I believed she helped my body to adapt and handle the chemo.

I was fortunate to hardly experience any side effects during my chemo. Was it just me? Or did the massage and chiropractor appointments help? I believe they helped. It was the combination along with continuing my current lifestyle that brought balance to my life.

After you complete your chemo regimen, then comes remission. Finding balance in remission has probably been my hardest struggle. When they spend two hours at your doctor’s appointment going over symptoms to be aware of because this chronic disease comes back at a rate of 70-80%, well, that can certainly play with your mind. You try to find balance with “is what I feel something”, or “is it just my mind getting carried away?”

Remission is hard work. I’ve tried hard to keep my body in the best balance it can be. I’ve continued with massage, chiropractic appointments, and I’ve added myofascial release and yoga. I’m trying to feed my body a natural diet with fruits, veggies, and lean meats, but you still have to live and have the foods you enjoy every once in a while. Not that I don’t enjoy fruits and veggies, but dessert every once and awhile is worth it!! I find I feel better when I eat better.

I am Hormone Receptor positive. My provider has put me on pill that helps block the excess hormones that my body makes. The pill has some side effects that I’m working through. Again, all the things I’ve listed help make my side effects tolerable.

Soon I will be having another follow up which includes my CA 125 level. Anxiety comes on strong a few weeks before this test happens. I don’t think that will ever get any easier. I am hoping things will be good, but if things don’t go as planned it will be finding a new balance once again.

But that’s okay, it can be done again.

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Denise Louwagie
Denise Louwagie
16. mar. 2020

We‘ve got you covered this week with positive thoughts and lots of prayers!

Synes godt om
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