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Keeping the Faith

I experienced faith so many times in my Cancer journey; always at a time I needed it most. I want to share a couple of my stories:

On the day of my surgery, there was a patient care tech who was the first person to greet us and take me to my room. She talked with us and helped me settled in. She was so caring and calmed my nerves. Before she left, she told me she would pray for me and gave me a hug. When I was being wheeled into surgery, she waited in the hall for me to go by and again looked me in the eye with her hands in prayer.

“Don’t ever underestimate the

healing power of a hug.”

When it was time for my port to be placed, I had a different nurse which is usually the case. After the nurse started my IV and got everything going, my daughter and I were just sitting in the room waiting to be taken to the procedure room. Again, I was very nervous about what a port placement was going to be like, even though I was told it would be a simple procedure. Suddenly the door open and there was the same patient care tech again. She remembered me once she saw my face. What a feeling of relief, it was as if God had sent her for reassurance. She also checked in on me after my procedure and then was in the hall when we were leaving to give me one more reassuring hug. It was something so simple, just someone who took a little time to make sure I was okay. To me, it told me God was handling this.

Another Story: On the last day of chemo, my daughter and I were traveling to the appointment and I needed to stop at a gas station to go to the bathroom. My daughter stayed in the car while I ran in quick. Most of the time during chemo I felt good, sometimes so good I would forget I had a scarf on my head. It was still hard sometimes for me to realize why people are looking at me. Well, I came out of the bathroom leaving the gas station, and there was a very tall man, I remember he had a beard and he was stepping out of his pickup coming towards me. I had never seen him before in my life. He extended his hand out to me and said, “I just want to wish you the best of luck and you got this.” I just stood there looking at him, told him thank you. He then went on to tell me that his wife passed away last week from cancer. I then grabbed both his arms and told him I was sorry and I would pray for him. I know I will never see that man again, but he made a huge impact on me that day. I could not believe he would take the time to stop me, even though he was dealing with such grief and tell me to continue the fight. Again, for me, another reassurance I was in good hands!

“The best things in life are not things,

it’s the people who make you feel

loved and cared for.”

You don’t ask to go on a journey like this. But, without this journey I wouldn’t have seen all the things that having faith has brought me. People have enough on their plates, let alone when cancer is added into the mix. If I can encourage you to do anything for your health and well being, it would be to hand it over to God. Let him handle the big stuff. Also don’t be afraid to show your faith with someone that is on a journey, you may be just what they needed!

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