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One Down, Four to Go!

When life decides to throw you a curve ball, sometimes when you don’t win, you learn.

Yes, being diagnosis with Ovarian Cancer was not part of my game plan. But, looking back after 1 year of being cancer free, I can reflect on some of the things I’ve learned through my cancer journey. I have to say, my cancer diagnosis has not been all bad, in fact, I can actually think of more good, than bad. Cancer is definitely a game, what’s important is the type of player you choose to be.

Remember why you play the game….We don’t get to choose what happens in the life, but we can choose how to react to things that happen. Get up every day with purpose. You matter. Kick the dirt off your shoes and be ready to play. Look for the joy in each day. It is there, count how many times you smile each day if you need reassurance. And if you find yourself not smiling as much, make a change and make it happen.

Everyone has a bad game… No matter how bad things are for you, there is always, always, someone who is experience worse things. You may have had a bad game, but next time it will be someone else’s bad game, and they will forget about yours. So, don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone handles things differently and you are doing the best that you can.

Never forget you are part of a team… Your friends, family and community are a huge support, they will back you up and cheer you on. They may not know what it is like to have cancer, but if you let them in and share with them your thoughts and feelings, it will take some of the weight off of you. They know you are brave, but being honest gives them a better understanding of what you are going through.

Breath. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment

is the only one you know you have for sure.

The season is shorter than you’ve realized, especially when you are playing as hard as you can…. One year goes by like a snap or your fingers. But, keep your eye on the ball. Taking care of yourself and paying attention to your body is key. Though you sit out an inning or two, you are always ready to play. You need to stay on top of that nasty cancer so it doesn’t make a return appearance.

Skills take time to develop …..You still can’t force anyone to change, you are the only one who can change, the only way to improve is to change your mindset and that might include practice, practice, practice.

You will bobble the ball at times, sometimes you’ll drop it… We are all human and there is no written way for dealing with cancer, but to me, being hard on yourself isn’t good for the game plan. You have to believe in your coach and team and the next thing you know you are 1 year without any cancer.

Sometimes you get a hit, sometimes you strike out…. but each time you get up to the plate is a new opportunity to see what you can do. Most important is to see what the take away is from your experiences. These experiences are helping shape you into the person you were always meant to be. We always knew you were strong, but being cancer strong brings you to a whole new level.

The game ain’t over till it’s over… every day is another chance to do the things you’ve always wished you could do. DREAM BIG and each day do something that will bring you closer to those dreams.

I know that Ovarian Cancer is a nasty disease that has a high re-occurrence rate, and, I have 4 more years to go before I’m considered cured. But to make it one year so far, feels like I’ve pitched out of a two out bases loaded inning and I still have the rest of the game to catch up!

Let’s play ball!!!!!

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