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Pirate or Gypsy?

When I first started wearing scarves, I felt like a Pirate or even a Gypsy, especially when I added the large earrings to the look! When I first experienced hair loss, trying to figure out what looked good on me to get out the door each day was a struggle. Most days I wore nothing on my head. I remember the anxiety I felt getting ready for work, trying hard to come up with a scarf that wouldn’t look so much like I had cancer. My first thought was to never leave the house, but I knew that was not realistic or very good for my emotional state. Bottom line is, I’m from a small town and everyone knew anyways. So I thought, if I looked like a Pirate or a Gypsy in their eyes so be it. I want to encourage you to show the world how strong you are, even if you don’t believe it, keep practicing and eventually you will feel strong! Do not be afraid to wear the pieces that bring you a shot of confidence when you look in the mirror…these pieces will help you feel strong!

I determined that the more colorful the scarf, the better I felt and looked in it. To show you how easy it is to find these scarves, I’ll let you in on a secret. The following pictures are scarves I found at Walmart for only $2.99!!!!! I added a picture with a plain grey slouchy hat so you can see what color can do for you. Whenever I wore these scarves, I always received compliments. Finding the pieces that work for your hair loss does not need to be expensive. These scarves are nice to wear in the hotter months too, feeling a little cooler than other options. The other thing about wearing a scarf is that it shows off your eyes because sometimes the brim of a hat hides a lot of your face.

So Pirate or Gypsy? It doesn’t matter which, embrace the temporary NEW YOU! Pick the bright scarf. Add the big earrings. Throw on some bangle bracelets. Now is your chance to try something you never thought you could wear. Throw out all the “I can’t wear that” because suddenly when you are faced with no other options, you can, you will, and you will look fabulous!

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